January 30, 2004

Send Doctors to Econ 101

BC doctors are demanding an 11% pay increase over 3 years, or about another $1.3 billion, when their salaries already are said to account for 10% of the provincial budget.

BCMA President Dr. John Turner was quoted as saying, ''The government has money if it wishes to find money.... The budget is a piece of paper that the government can do various things with."

No, doctor, the government does not have money, the citizens of this province work hard to earn money, which is then taxed away from them. Yes, the budget is a piece of paper, but it is based on the sweat of millions of people.

Online opinion polls are running about two-thirds against you. It's tough to get much sympathy for a group earning six-figure incomes.

You say doctors will leave BC for greener pastures? I say open up the borders, speed up the upgrading and re-certification process, and let in a couple of thousand Indian, Filipino, and Ukrainian doctors.

My father was a doctor. He also knew how to budget.

Posted by Paul at January 30, 2004 08:20 PM