February 03, 2004

Joining a Nonprofit Board

A few days ago I was asked to join the board of directors of a local nonprofit society that was founded recently. I was flattered, yet uneasy about what I might be getting myself into.

I know, and highly respect, the people who started the society, which I won't name until this story plays out its course, however I asked for time to consider.

I wanted to know more about societies and directors' responsibilities.

I found the British Columbia Society Act online and read it.

Then I found a few good Canadian sites dedicated to the running of nonprofit groups, including Charity Village, which had a lot of useful material.

That site took me to a Fundraising Management program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology that looks interesting as its PR components appear to have a close fit with my existing business. (And I already have a couple of the classes under my belt from previous part-time studies.) Hmmm... Food for thought....

I know the founders of the society have been doing an excellent job for years and formed the society to formalize their volunteer efforts. They wish to get off the board so they can focus their energies on the actual activities of the society.

I've accepted, and I'll update this post with more info once I'm formally on the board.

Posted by Paul at February 3, 2004 08:39 PM