March 04, 2004

Coho Fry Multiply in Byrne Creek

We were elated to see several dozen coho fry today compared to six or seven yesterday, and they were spread over a longer stretch of Byrne Creek. We caught and released a few more and all were coho.

There were also definitely fry below Meadow Bridge, however we didn't manage to catch any in that area.

We saw a small dead fish at the bottom of the sediment pond above the spawning habitat, so we went home and got a 7" X 7" inch net that we had previously duct-taped to an extendable painting pole.

It turned out to be a 7cm cutthroat trout and it had a wound -- looked like perhaps it was caught by a heron or other bird, managed to get away, and died later.

There was also an amazing number of bugs in the leafy matter that came up in the net with the dead cutthroat -- perhaps it was attracting them. In about two handfuls of debris we found:

Scuds - 18
Aquatic worms - 16
Caddis flies - 3
Mayfly - 1
Snails - 3
Midges - 2
Wormy/caterpillary things about 1cm long, whitish-yellowish body with black head -- or is that a black body with a whitish-yellowish head? - 3

All in all a great morning!

Posted by Paul at March 4, 2004 05:39 PM