March 21, 2004

Steveston Cormorants, Obachan's Flowers

We went down to Steveston in the southwest corner of Richmond today. It's a funky town of antique and second-hand shops, fish and chips restaurants and cool marine hardware stores.

You can buy fish and shrimp at the pier, walk along the river and the point park where you often find daredevil kite fliers, and along the west dike. The turtles were out in force along the dike, basking on a floating platform.

The treat today was a row of nine cormorants perched atop a line of posts in the river. We'd never seen that many of the impressive birds at one time.

The redevelopment of the old BC Packers cannery site is trundling along. Fortunately a few buildings are being saved for posterity. The flowers were blossoming in Obachan's garden -- the Murakami residence memorialized in the well-known video depicting a personal look at the Japanese internment in WWII.

Posted by Paul at March 21, 2004 08:33 PM