March 22, 2004

Outback Hits 100,000

Our '98 Outback hit 100,000km today, and I'd like to thank Subaru for building us a great vehicle.

Aside from regularly scheduled maintainance, we've had only two incidents -- a blown radiator fan fuse that was replaced free of charge, and a minor leak in an engine seal that was noticed by the dealer and replaced under warranty.

It's been an excellent car and I'd certainly buy another, but I aim to get at least another 100,000km out of this one, which should take another five years. We work from home and have no commute, so we don't put on the miles many people do.

The all-wheel drive has saved my bacon at least twice on snowy/icy mountain roads, and the versatility of the wagon is great for camping and hauling stuff.

We have received top-notch service from Don Docksteader Motors in Vancouver since originally getting the car at the dealer in Saskatoon.

Posted by Paul at March 22, 2004 07:20 PM