April 21, 2004

2010 Olympics: How Can My Business Get Involved?

The Burnaby Board of Trade luncheon today featured Ian Tate, former director of Community Relations for the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation, and he was full of enthusiasm and ideas for how local businesses could captilize on the 2010 Olympic Games.

One of his major themes was turning 17 days (the actual length of the games) into 17 years of opportunity. That means businesses should already be doing their homework, finding and capitalizing on opportunities, and figuring out ways to make all that hard work continue to benefit them locally, and even globally.

Tate pointed out that we will be having incredible media exposure that has already begun, and that will extend through the games and beyond.

People want to come and see what Vancouver and BC have to offer.

He also talked about how the Olympics can be a catalyst for change, and mentioned social, arts and environmental aspects.

In summation, he told the crowd, "You're only constrained by your imagination."

Posted by Paul at April 21, 2004 09:31 PM