August 08, 2004

Home Renos Underway Again

When we bought this townhouse nearly three years ago, it was in pretty good shape, so all we did was repaint the interior, replace 90% of the lighting fixtures with energy savers, and install new, more appealing and functional, kitchen and bathroom taps and faucets.

Over the years there were additional little projects now and then like adding a few cupboards, putting in a new laundry sink, running Ethernet for our computer network, and installing security bars in the basement window.

It appears that projectitis is infecting us again, as Yumi is coming up with new ideas.

Last week it was new drawer and cabinet pulls for the kitchen and bathrooms. I had to admit the cheap plastic pulls were pretty tacky, however after installing new gold and silver metal pulls, suddenly the cupboards looked even less appealing than they had before. They're very plain and getting worn.

So today we took down the trim mouldings from around the tops and bottoms of the kitchen cabinets, and cleaned and sanded them. They are an ugly prosthetic pink to match the ugly porcine-coloured countertop.

The trim will be redone in black, and so will the wood trim on the square boxed lighting fixture smack in the center of the kitchen ceiling. That will give us a black on white effect that should complement some of the Japanese interior design touches in the living room.

That leaves the unsightly fleshy Formica countertop. Our budget still doesn't allow for granite at the moment, so we're debating painting it or tiling it. We might just paint it -- some sources say that's doable, while others say don't try it. In our case, if the paint doesn't last, that's OK, as we're becoming steadily more averse to what's there now, and if necessary will replace a deteriorating paint job with nicer Formica.

It never ceases to amaze me how little changes beget larger changes :-).

Posted by Paul at August 8, 2004 07:39 PM