September 10, 2004

On the Road to Prince George

We headed out of town on our camping trip with qualms about possibly rainy weather. We planned to stay at 10 Mile Lake Provincial Park north of Quesnel.

We camped there several years ago and it was a pretty park.

I'm always amazed by the diversity of ecological zones in BC. As you drive north from the lower mainland, you leave lush coastal areas and enter near-desert landscapes. The terrain keeps changing and eventually you are in rolling hills and thick forests.

Unfortunately, as we neared our destination, we encountered light rain that steadily picked up in intensity to the point that it was pouring as we approached the park.

We didn't want to start our trip with a soaked night of tenting and the resulting wet tarps and equipment in our stuffed-to-the-gills car, so we decided to head north to Prince George to find a cheap motel.

We found the city difficult to naviagate on a dark, rainy evening, however we finally settled on a motel and hoped for better weather for the next day when we planned to head for Jasper National Park.

Posted by Paul at September 10, 2004 09:37 PM