December 23, 2004

Bring Solutions to Government

In catching up on my reading I ran across the following quote in the June 2004 issue of Linux Journal in an article called "Hacking Democracy" by Doc Searls.

As a volunteer involved in my community, it stuck me as a very powerful statement.

"Government isn't the problem. People need to bring solutions to government. Government is dying for answers. Bring some and you'll get somewhere.

"I don't have experience with the government stonewalling me at all. I experience interest and cooperation at every level, as long as I bring solutions and not just problems.

"A lot of helpless people want government to solve their problems or to carry their spear on one issue or another. That reflects an ignorance of how the whole ecosystem actually works. If you're constructive, you can participate in that ecosystem. Bureaucrats are crying for help on all kinds of issues. If we provide some, we can make stuff get done together."

Inspiring words, indeed!

Posted by Paul at December 23, 2004 11:01 AM