December 26, 2004

Review - Web ReDesign

Review - Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works
by Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler

This is a solid guide to designing and overhauling websites, with a focus on project management, design and content as opposed to the nuts and bolts of writing HTML/XHTML or setting up dynamic database-driven sites.

The authors do an excellent job of laying out a process that can be applied to almost any scenario, starting from defining the project, to developing site structure, visual design and testing, and production and quality assurance.

The focus of the process is the user, and rightly so. Test, test and test again -- can users use the site easily and effectively?

Highly recommended for anyone who works in the web publishing arena.

More information and downloads can be found on the book's accompanying website. There is a "2.0" version out that I have not seen yet.

Posted by Paul at December 26, 2004 06:16 PM