February 21, 2005

Tungsten E Ousts Palm Pilot Professional

A couple of weeks ago I finally upgraded to a Palm Tungsten E from an aging Palm Pilot Professional (PPP).

The PPP had served me well for seven or eight years, but its 1MB of memory and cramped, dark monochrome screen were limiting, and its HotSync cradle connectivity was becoming increasingly flaky.

I got a good deal on the Tungsten E and a wireless Palm folding keyboard combo, and now I wonder why I didn't upgrade years ago. The E is hardly cutting-edge technology, it's been around for a long time, yet I find its color screen and multimedia capabilities enchanting.

I like the ability to load Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the E. While I doubt if I'd want to do more than cursory editing of such files on the handheld, its nice to be able to carry the odd document or spreadsheet around for reference.

I also enjoy loading photos onto the E.

I wonder how many PPPs are still in action?

Posted by Paul at February 21, 2005 08:27 PM