March 22, 2005

Big Bend Development Draws Crowd to Burnaby Council

A rezoning hearing brought a big crowd to Burnaby City Hall this evening, with the bulk of the focus on proposed big box developments in the Big Bend area near where we live.

The developments, on both sides of Marine Way east of Byrne Road, have been drawing strong local opposition, but appear to be a done deal. Letters of support were read from Best Buy/Future Shop, Winners, Canadian Tire, and other retailers, while opponents were mostly local residents.

I understand the necessity of development, however NIMBYism aside, I really don't see the need for these projects. The traffic in the area is already terrible, and having thousands more drivers doing destination shopping will bring it to a standstill.

There is little mass transit to the area, and having dozens of big stores there will undermine the city's efforts to revitalize Edmonds Town Centre, which is a five-minute drive away.

The whole plan simply flies in the face of sustainability and livability.

Posted by Paul at March 22, 2005 09:40 PM