April 30, 2005

Streamkeepers Help Edmonds Clean Sweep

A group of Byrne Creek Streamkeepers and other community volunteers spent this morning cleaning up areas near the creek as part of the annual Edmonds Clean Sweep in southeast Burnaby.

We picked up enough garbage and pulled enough invasive ivy to fill two dumpsters to overflowing! Thanks to the City of Burnaby and its staff for helping to organize the event and providing the dumpsters. And thanks to the other community groups that cleaned up the streets in the Edmonds neighborhood!

We also planted 50 trees near the creek downstream of Edmonds Skytrain station. It was dirty and fulfilling work :-).

Here's a shot of the ivy team. And yes, those large log-like pieces of plant matter are ivy! They are the bottom ends of ivy that were crawling up firs and cedars. We "girdle" such climbing ivy by cutting it all around the base of the tree it is attacking. Amazing how this invasive species runs rampant and chokes the life out of native plants and trees. This is the same stuff that people use to decorate their yards....


Posted by Paul at April 30, 2005 08:49 PM