October 21, 2005

Survived First Week at Royal Roads!

I have survived my first week of my intensive three-week residency at Royal Roads University. Rather than bore you with describing a week of 16-hour days spent in classes and huddled over my laptop computer in my dorm room, suffice it to say that while arduous, the Master of Arts in Applied Communication program is a stimulating, highly educational challenge.

Faculty members are uniformly excellent, and I hope they are all reading my blog :-). My team is learning to work together, and every student that I've talked to has a unique perspective and expertise that I'm already learning from.

Today we were released at 3:30 p.m. and I immediately dropped my laptop and books in my dorm room and headed out to explore the beautiful grounds with my digital camera in hand. Convocation was on, and there were excited knots of happy families snapping shots of proud graduates in front of the various impressive buildings, and in the gardens.

Here are a few shots I got today as the late afternoon sun cast glorious, lengthening shadows as it sank into the west.


Hatley Castle, which is now an administrative building.


The Grant Building where most of our classes are held.


The Nixon Building where my room is located.


The Japanese Gardens.


Another view of the Japanese Gardens.


A lantern.

Posted by Paul at October 21, 2005 09:09 PM