November 16, 2005

Open Source Media - Blogs Rule!

I ran across the Open Source Media site the other day. Its goal is to collect the best in blog reporting.

"At Open Source Media, we believe... that freedom, openness and transparency in media is an inevitable result of the technological advances that have given every citizen the chance to breathe deeply of the news, thought and opinion that hovers in the ether between us... the phenomenon of blogging... (is) the modern equivalent of the Gutenberg revolution, a way of putting not just published material in the hands of the public?but publishing itself."

I'm doing a paper on the effects of blogging on traditional media and corporate public relations for a media theory course I'm taking in my Master of Arts in Applied Communication program at Royal Roads University.

This supports my thesis that blogs are changing traditional mass media.

Posted by Paul at November 16, 2005 08:05 PM