March 21, 2006

Sustainability Means Changing Our Behavior

Why is it that when we talk about sustainability, so often people seem trapped by present ways of doing things? Why are people so afraid of trying anything different?

Why do we so often think we can build our way out of trouble, if only we can build in a greener manner?

Wouldn't it be a lot more cost effective to change human behavior to accommodate the environment, rather than always pouring billions of dollars into changing the environment to suit us?

Why are we still giving the few remaining pockets of nature in our communities short shrift, when we are so fortunate to have the little that remains? Cities that have eradicated nature are now pouring billions into trying to restore it. Wouldn't it be cheaper to simply protect and enhance what we have now?

Why can't we add density to already developed areas on major thoroughfares that are presently only one or two stories high? Why are we sill developing greenfields?

If we are really such an intelligent species, why can't we change?

I'm going to be thinking a lot about such questions as I take part in a discussion of sustainability in the lower mainland of BC over the next few months.

Posted by Paul at March 21, 2006 09:44 PM