April 29, 2006

Sun/Post Quality Control Goes Overboard

Today we received the fourth or fifth daily call in a row from the Vancouver Sun regarding supposed delivery problems. We've had calls asking if we've received our papers, we've had calls apologizing that the papers were left in the lobby (we don't have a lobby!), we've had calls explaining that the delivery person can't get into our non-existant lobby... And we've been receiving our papers just fine.

I think somebody is pulling a fast one on the Sun folks. We had a few similar episodes in the past where customer assistance would call us and ask if we were were receiving our papers again, when we had never had any trouble in the first place. But this week takes the prize.

The first couple of calls we just said, yeah, we got our papers OK. From the third call I began asking what the problem was, explaining that we didn't have a lobby, that we lived in a townhouse complex, etc. Today the caller (it's been someone different each time) said she would look into it and get our number off the trouble list.

I wonder if it would help if someone local would call? The call display shows what appear to be Manitoba numbers!

Posted by Paul at April 29, 2006 02:51 PM