May 17, 2006

Evil Handyman God Smites Me

There is an evil handyman god that lurks on the fringes of do-it-yourself projects, waiting to pounce and mete out pain to the unwise and unwary. He strikes for various reasons. Haste and using the wrong tool for the job are common sins he watches for. Today he dealt me a swollen, purple, pounding fingertip for the temerity of giving advice and not heeding it myself.

Yumi and I were putting together a large, heavy cabinet, and as we assembled the larger pieces, carefully guiding them into place, I told her to watch her fingers. Less than a minute after those fateful words left my lips, I drove a drawer into its guides with a playful hip check, smashing a guiding finger with the lip. Yee-haa!

Much colorful language and dancing ensued. Watch your own damn fingers!

Posted by Paul at May 17, 2006 10:32 PM