July 13, 2007

Intuit's WillExpert Sucks

I am fed up with Intuit's WillExpert. I am generally a fan of Intuit products, using Quicken for my personal finances and QuickBooks Pro for my company, but I've had nothing but trouble with WillExpert.

I bought a copy of WillExpert a few years ago, and it refused to run unless I signed on as an Administrator in Windows XP. This is plain foolishness -- you should never be logged on as Administrator unless you need to do system maintenance tasks. Then eventually WillExpert just refused to let me use it -- I forget if it thought I'd printed too many copies, or whatever, but I never successfully completed a will using it.

Recently I bought a new edition of WillExpert, and it refused to even install on my main Windows XP computer. So I tried another Windows XP box, and it began to install but then it wanted to install Acrobat Reader 5 because the already installed Reader 7 was an "older version." Huh?! I told the installer I didn't want Reader 5, so it refused to install WillExpert. Sheesh! That's as far as I've gotten and I don't know if I want to waste more time on this software lemon.

The hours I've wasted on WillExpert would have paid for a lawyer...

Update: July 17, 2007

I finally got WillExpert installed on a backup computer by allowing it to install Reader 5, even though Reader 7 was already on the target machine. I ran through the Wizard, asked it to print out a draft will, and it shut down with an error message. Tried again, same outcome. It really is a lemon!

Posted by Paul at July 13, 2007 08:57 PM