February 17, 2008

Garbage Blights Burnaby Bus Stops

Since the new big box outlets and accompanying smaller stores and restaurants opened in Burnaby's Big Bend area on Marine Way, streamkeepers have noticed more and more garbage in the neighbourhood. In particular the bus stops along Byrne Road and Southridge Dr. have become fast-food container and coffee-cup dumping grounds. I don't know who is responsible for putting in and maintaining garbage cans, the City or Translink, but someone ought to get a handle on this ASAP. It's disgusting.

Meanwhile, perhaps the businesses responsible for most of the garbage could live up to some of their talk of corporate social responsibility and send their staff out to clean up the mess.

The bus stop on Byrne Road just above Marine Drive.

With the usual contributors, McDonald's, Tim Hortons, and Starbucks:




Yes, I realize that it's the people buying the stuff who are dumping it, but with no food or drinks allowed on buses, what are they supposed to do when there are no garbage cans around?

How about adding 5 or 10 cents to each fast-food or coffee takeout, and put the funds toward installing and maintaining garbage cans? Or what about a 5- or 10-cent deposit on each paper cup, each burger or fry container and each paper bag -- our streets would be spick and span in no time...

Update Feb. 18: Translink says the sites are City property and therefore it is up to Burnaby to do something about the mess.

Posted by Paul at February 17, 2008 06:58 PM