May 16, 2008

I Make Varenyky for NewsLeader

I was asked to provide a recipe for the Burnaby NewsLeader along with an example of the finished product. Eventually we settled on Ukrainian varenyky, now commonly known as perogies. I used the recipe from the late Savella Stechishin's Traditional Ukrainian Cookery, the bible of English-language Ukrainian cookbooks. The photo shoot went well; however, there was a slip in the transition from me to reporter to editor -- somehow the word "pyrohy" was described as slang for varenyky, while I clearly never said that. In fact I corrected it when given a chance to look at the copy before it was published. It is a term for baked dumplings, and a dialectal word for varenyky (boiled dumplings). Just wanted to clear that up, as it could make nit-pickers question my source, my aunt, Roma Franko, who is a retired professor of linguistics!

Anyway, it was a good picture and a fun experience!

Posted by Paul at May 16, 2008 07:55 PM