December 08, 2008

Steaming Mad at Dell

On November 21 I wrote about how I'd ordered a new notebook computer from Dell, and how the delivery was delayed for weeks. I was never informed about any delay, and my order status page was never updated to reflect any delay.

After complaining by email, I finally received a response from customer service on Nov. 4 that my order would arrive on Nov. 21 instead of the original projected date of Oct. 13.

Well, here it is Dec. 8 and no computer. When I checked my Order Status page for the umpteenth time today, there was a strange error message. I phoned customer service and wasted the usual time on hold, only to be told that due to some internal issue, my order had been canceled.

So why wasn't I informed?!

They have my email, they have my phone number!

The rep said he would transfer me to sales to refresh the order, but I said no thanks. Let it stay canceled. I'll take my money somewhere else...

Posted by Paul at December 8, 2008 03:12 PM