January 20, 2009

Zombie Postal Mail Accounts

Aaargh! They have risen again! The undead postal mail addresses.

I thought that I'd gotten rid of them, but today we received not one, but two, envelopes from TD Canada Trust, sent to the previous owners of our home -- over seven years since we bought the place.

We were initially in contact with the old owners for a few months, but we've long lost track of them. TD Canada Trust is the worst offender. We have written MOVED on envelopes from them and returned the mail to Canada Post. We have physically taken mail from TD Canada Trust to a local branch two or three times and asked that they update their records.

All had been quiet for nearly a year, but the zombies are back!

We have other undead as well -- we still get forwarded the occasional letter (usually donation solicitations) from the people who moved into the apartment we'd had before we bought this place. I've told them to trash anything that still appears, but they feel obliged to send it on...

All signs of apparently uncorrectable errors in databases everywhere... I wonder how bad the data rot gets?

Posted by Paul at January 20, 2009 03:20 PM