March 16, 2009

VanLUG Newbie Night

I enjoyed the Newbie Night put on by the Vancouver Linux Users Group this evening. I hadn't been to a VanLUG event in a couple of years, but since I proposed one of the topics, it was time to go again :-). The turnout was on the low side, but the audience was enthusiastic. I also got to see the LAMP (Linux, Apache [web server], MySQL [database], and PHP) stack in action, with demos of installing WordPress and Drupal. Of course with experts running the show it appeared very easy!

Ben Holt addressed this topic from from Paul Cipywnyk:

As a non-programmer, non-sysadmin who has played with Linux a bit off
and on, and considers himself a newbie, I'd be interested in learning
more about LAMP. It seems to me that LAMP is one of the huge strengths
of the open-source community. How do I install things like WordPress,
phpBB and Drupal on a local Linux box, and once I have a blog or BBS
or CMS set up locally to my liking, how do I transfer the whole
shebang over to my web host?

Kim Kulak addressed running Windows applications on Linux as suggested by
Jel Coward:

Virtualbox rather than dual boot.

Folks often get scared by partitioning - and running two OS's
concurrently is cool - and folks are often impressed how much faster
Windows runs in a linux virtual machine than it does natively.

Rob McCrea moderated a discussion on the subject put forward by Jose Da Silva:

My Windows98 computer got sacked with 100 viruses and nothing runs.

Should I install Debian or Redhat?

Will it run games?

How do I do it?

Posted by Paul at March 16, 2009 10:18 PM