November 25, 2009

Welcome New Edmonds Association Exec!

As outgoing president, I would like to warmly welcome the new executive of the Edmonds Town Centre Business & Community Association. It's very exciting to have several fresh new faces, and to see the energy and ideas flowing around the table at the first meeting of the new board today.

Please welcome your new executive. I trust we'll all pitch in and help continue to move our organization onward and upward!

  • President - Joyce Rostron
  • Vice President - Darcy Schlechtleitner
  • Vice President -  Natalie de la Cruz
  • Treasurer - Allan Zhang
  • Secretary - Dave Fairhall
  • Warren Walker - member at large
  • Paul Cipywnyk - past president and member at large

Thank you to everyone who helped me learn the ropes over the last few years, and to all the volunteers who make our association the great group that it is. A big pat on the back to all of you!

Posted by Paul at November 25, 2009 02:09 PM