February 07, 2010

Olympics? Bah, Humbug… Er, Dang But I’m Smiling

I have counted myself among Vancouver 2010 sceptics, but darn it if I don't feel a spring in my step and a smile twitching on my face. We headed downtown today to check out the street scene, see if any pavilions were open, and had a great time. The only pavilion we entered was Northern House, and it was fun. While we don't have tickets to any events - damn hard to find and expensive - I will certainly be checking out more pavilions and other free stuff.


Yumi owns the podium!


Paul goes snowboarding. OK, if I look stupid, I admit I've
never been on a board in my life!


The outdoor skating rink at Robson Square.


With inukshuk at Northern House.


Yumi with muskox.


The "video postcard" at Northern House was a great hit.
You can select videos of northern scenes and activities
and have yourself superimposed upon them.


Feeding an eagle a bit of Japanese crepe on Robson St.

Posted by Paul at February 7, 2010 10:39 PM