February 12, 2010

‘Military Gestapo’ Helicopters Circle 2010 Olympic Games

It might be noisy for folks living in downtown Vancouver these days, but I cannot believe anyone could equate the Canadian Forces presence at the 2010 Winter Games to the Gestapo.

I hope the comment that I saw on Twitter was fuelled by frustration and booze, and was a momentary late-night indiscretion, but even then I would find it nearly impossible to excuse.

For those needing a history lesson, the Gestapo were the brainwashed militarists who rounded up and gassed, hacked, drowned, shot, burned, whatever, to death, at the lower range of historically verifiable estimates, 6 million people, and at the upper range 10 million or more.

The Canadian Forces are the descendants of those who fought against the Gestapo and its ilk.

OK? Got that? Canadian Forces *fought against* the Gestapo. Fought against the Nazis. So don't call our first responders and military Nazis.

You can light up again now, or have another beer.

Just lay off the uninformed, slanderous analogies. Please. I'm a Canadian, so I gotta say "please," eh?

Though I'm glad that previous generations of Canucks had the guts to fight the Gestapo and Nazis, so that we, all of us, could have the freedom to even hold this discussion.

Posted by Paul at February 12, 2010 11:03 PM