March 31, 2010

Kitchen Kraziness, or a Theory on Multiple Injuries

OK, so a few days ago I get a nasty steam burn in the kitchen, and then a day later I manage to nearly take the tip off a finger on the same hand while chopping walnuts. Yoi. I had that god-awful slow-motion feeling of knowing what was going to happen, yet I couldn't stop the knife hand, or move the  target hand in time. I'm getting a bit paranoid about doing anything in the kitchen and I sure hope bad luck doesn't really come in threes! This photo is after several days of healing, and there's quite a ways to go yet. . .


I have this theory about injuries - - if you have one, you're more likely to get another one, for a couple of reasons.

One is that the first injury throws you off balance. It's like when you smash a toe, you start walking funny to compensate, and the next thing you know you've screwed up your lower back.

Another is a strange law of attraction. I recall seeing some comedy show about this, perhaps an episode of Seinfeld in which a driver (Kramer?) kept hitting any object that he was distracted into looking at. To get back to the smashed toe example, once you've smashed it, even though you start being hypersensitive and careful with it, it seems that the chances that you'll stub it again before it's fully healed rise dramatically.

Posted by Paul at March 31, 2010 08:07 PM