April 12, 2010

Physical Activity Too Far Down the Priority List for Most of Us

The other day there was an article in the newspaper about exercise. Something about women needing to vigorously work out at least an hour a day to stay fit and healthy. It included quotations on the "impossibility" of taking an hour a day to exercise in the modern world.


Our bodies have not changed much in hundreds or thousands of years. Sure, we've grown in stature and especially in weight, but our basic physiology has not developed much. If anything, I would say that the average person has become physically weaker, albeit longer-lived due to medical and sanitary advances.  If you doubt me, try growing and raising all of your food with your own manual labor, building your own shelter, washing your clothes by hand, etc. 

Humans didn't have to work out not too long ago because hard physical labour day in and day out was par for the course for the vast majority of us.

Now people complain because after they've microwaved dinner and dropped the dishes in the dishwasher they have to work out.

I've been slowed by lower back problems for the last couple of weeks, but that hasn't dented my appetite, and in this modern world, my easy access to copious amounts of food. Result? Nearly a five-pound gain per week.  Sure glad I'm starting to walk more again!

Posted by Paul at April 12, 2010 10:17 PM