May 14, 2010

Name Pronunciation – Do I Win a Prize?

There's been a funny thread on the Editors' Association of Canada mailing list about pronouncing names. Here's my contribution:

Paul Cipywnyk
Need I say more? :-)
It's approximately Sip-iv-nick

The Ukrainian?
My romanization is weak, but more like Tsi-pyv-neck

I've been mangled
I've been tangled
I've been swallowed
I've been coughed

I've been hiccupped
I've been glossed
I've been shuffled
I've been lost

People freeze when
The name arises and
They must publicly proclaim
Damn that confounding name!

OK, I've never made any claims to being a poet, especially late on a Friday night after a long week!

Posted by Paul at May 14, 2010 09:32 PM