August 14, 2011

Imelda May Seduces Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival

Heard Imelda May at the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival yesterday for the first time, and I'm a convert! I'd never even heard of her, aging heavy metal/blues guy that I am : - ) but in my mind she outdid John Mayall and k.d lang (the other 2 of 3 lead acts), even with a broken foot that she suffered the same day. Very charismatic, with a great voice.

Don't get me wrong, Mayall has an amazing history, and k.d. is a consummate performer with complete command over her gorgeous voice. But last night May was just down and dirtier : - ).

May was infectious, Mayall was, well, Mayall, and k.d. started way too slow for her first several songs. After she did a wonderful "Hallelujah" as her 3rd or 4th number Yumi and I looked at each other & said, "OK, we've heard it, let's go home." We may have missed some action, but it just seemed a long time coming for a party crowd at the end of a long day of great music.

Anyway, I downloaded May's Mayhem album off iTunes as soon as we got home, and have been enjoying it.

It's a compelling mashup of blues, rockabilly, New Orleans jazz, all tinged with a great Irish lilt. Even the odd bit of slide country/Hawaiian on a couple of tracks, and a touch of Celtic drums here and there. Eclectic, eh? She's got a great band, too, excellent slap standup bass player, and some nice trumpet styling, too. Did I just hear a bit of surf music in there, too? : - )

Posted by Paul at August 14, 2011 08:05 PM