May 06, 2012

Walking BMO Vancouver Half Marathon 2012

I set a goal earlier this year to walk the BMO Vancouver marathon - more precisely the half. The other part of the goal was to lose 10kg, or 22lb, in training for the event. I used to do a fair bit of running, but haven't for nearly ten years due to a fused spine with limited lower back mobility that has resulted in some painful nerve/muscle spasms and lockups when attempting too bouncy exercise. Walking is fine, though.

I missed my weight-loss goal by a kilo, but still lost 9 kilos, or nearly 20 pounds, which ain't bad.

The marathon took place on a gorgeous sunny morning. Here are a few shots taken along the way:


Waiting in Coral 5, the last coral for the slowest runner/walkers


Me with a few of the hundreds of porta-potties. Note to organizers - please ensure
that potties are installed on level ground - one bunch was very rocky resulting in
trepidation, and admittedly, some hilarity!


And, half an hour after the lead runners left, our group is finally off and moving
toward the start line!


The newly re-roofed BC Place


Heading into Chinatown


Beautiful views


Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who cheered us on!


A quick peek at the Lion's Gate Bridge


Musical entertainment along the route


Brockton Point


Looking back at the finish line.

I walked the half (21km) in 3:23. When I got home and got my shoes off, I found massive blisters on the balls and heels of my feet. No wonder my feet hurt! Dunno what happened, as I'd trained with the same sock/shoe combo for distances up to around 10K. Perhaps I tied them too tight, not allowing for the natural swelling.

But it was a great experience, and I may do it again. I could still stand to lose another 10 kilos : -)!

Posted by Paul at May 6, 2012 07:50 PM