July 04, 2012

Grey Wolf–Tawny–#10–Masks

I recently came across some "art" I created, or attempted to copy, apparently at age 8.

There is an attached caption in my handwriting, which hasn't improved much from childhood.

Wooden fool mask with painted face made by Tsimshian and worn at a potlatch in 1912. Paul Cipywnyk. Age 8.

That, and in someone else's hand (a teacher's?): "Grey Wolf-Tawny-#10-Masks"

At age 8 I would have been in grade 4 (? I did grades 1 & 2 in one year) at Greystone Heights Elementary in Saskatoon, SK. Not sure how this would have been part of a prairie curriculum in the mid-1960s, but I think it's great!


Posted by Paul at July 4, 2012 09:00 PM