July 13, 2012

All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church 25th Anniversary Booklet

Wow, a blast from the past. I ran across this while going through some of my late Mom's files, and had to scan it.

25th Anniversary
Commemorative Booklet
All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church

There is so much history in this 32-page pamphlet, and so many names I grew up with in Saskatoon in my formative years.

Nearly every page brought back a memory, at least until the point where I left Canada in 1985 to work in Japan for 14 years.

Lots of close relatives are mentioned in this history. A grandfather, a grandmother, my father, my mother, an uncle, etc. Ahem, though I fail to see my name, or that of my cousin Ivan, as youth members of the church building committee : -).

And so many other adults that were part of an extended community when I was a kid. I think children in such milieus felt so safe and loved. I still remember so many folks from this parish and the broader Ukrainian-Canadian community in Saskatoon with fondness, though for the last several decades I've seen only a few of them during short visits once every three or four years.

As one of my aunts wrote me recently: "Oh, to live all together in one village like in the good old days!"

You can download my scan here. (1.3MB PDF)

Posted by Paul at July 13, 2012 08:29 PM