November 04, 2012

Congrats to ‘Niece’ Kalyna & Partner Luce For Gold Medal at CURCs in Burnaby

Congratulations to McGill Rowing pair Kalyna Franko and Luce Bourbeau for winning a gold medal at the Canadian University Rowing Championships in Burnaby today!

From the McGill Rowing website.

Photo of the girls, Yumi and I, before they headed out to the awards banquet tonight. It's been a pleasure billeting these accomplished, hard-working young women.


I say "niece" because Kalyna is my cousin Ivan's daughter,
and he and I were born a month apart, and spent our childhood
and teen years together so many years ago : -).
Our mothers were "joined at the hip" and so were we,
at least for the first 18 or so formative years of our lives.


And here are our champions, as shot by Yumi when she dropped them off
at Burnaby Lake in the morning. Smiles, yet you can see the determination,
and the gold was yet to be achieved.

Posted by Paul at November 4, 2012 10:16 PM