January 19, 2013

Wife Charging Ahead on another Home Reno Project

The table saw is whirring, the drill is whining, yes, Yumi is up to another home renovation project, this time tackling the master bedroom ensuite bathroom. She's putting on new cupboard doors and drawer fronts - and even reconfiguring things so there will be more drawers. That entails a bit of carpentry and cabinetry, but she's thought it all through. We redid our kitchen together last year, doing nearly all the work ourselves, so she's got some experience.

This project, I'm just mostly staying out of her way. I'm impressed that she's tackling it on her own, and it'll be a great sense of accomplishment to have done it without hubby pitching in, or "helping" with backseat driving.

Posted by Paul at January 19, 2013 06:06 PM