January 25, 2013

Food Labelling Scams

The other day I read the nutritional info on a pack of Nissin Demae Instant Ramen - 2,200mg of sodium, or 92% of the recommended daily intake! No wonder this stuff goes down so good after a hike in the cold. A crack-like salt bomb!

I don't know why I'd never looked at the sodium before, mostly just concerned with calories, I guess. It's not like I eat a lot of instant ramen, and when we make it we always add veggies. But still, you have to wonder when one easy meal uses up nearly your whole recommended daily sodium limit.

For comparison, a Wendys Baconator with two patties and six strips of bacon is 1,960mg.

So today I looked at a different brand of ramen - Ichiban Shio - and the label said only 700mg of sodium. Wow, that's a third of Nissin right? So I scarfed it down, and came back to the computer to share my "healthier" find.

Taking another look at the Ichiban label reveals the numbers are "per serving" and that's defined as 1/3 of a pack! Who the hell eats 1/3 of a pack of ramen? What a scam. I can't believe food labeling regulations allow this sort of thing.

Posted by Paul at January 25, 2013 12:15 PM