July 19, 2013

Working to Throw Stuff Out–Huh?

I spent five hours in the garage today sorting stuff to recycle, stuff to donate, stuff to trash. . .

That likely makes for about 20-30 hours in total spent this year by my wife and myself, in the garage, sorting stuff to. . .

And I have spent, and will be spending more hours in my home office doing the same.

And it struck me today that this was odd, even perverse in some way.

For tens of thousands of years humans survived and thrived with next to no "stuff." Now the wealthier of us are drowning in it. Instead of using time to earn money so we can buy more stuff, we are spending non-earning hours trying to get rid of stuff. Hell, some of us PAY others to help us get rid of stuff we no longer want.

Time is all we really have. We spend time to earn money to buy stuff, and then we spend time to figure out what stuff we can get rid of - so we have space for more stuff.

Posted by Paul at July 19, 2013 09:25 PM