December 29, 2013

Give Yourself Freedom for New Year's

My New Year wish for myself and for everyone is to be more creative, exploratory and non-judgmental of self.

Set aside fear of looking silly, or fear of failure. Pick up a crayon and scribble something, doodle with a pencil, sing a song, play a tune on whatever instrument is at hand, write a love letter -- even if you've been with the same partner for years or decades. Make that -- particularly if you've been with someone for a long good time (yes, I reversed the usual order of "good long" on purpose).

Write an essay (no I'm not making this homework -- just write a page or two about something that moves you, and why). Carry a camera with you all day long from sunrise to sunset and take 10 or more photos an hour no matter where you go, trying to make each one different -- and your cell phone or point-and-shoot is fine. Cook something without using a recipe, something that you've never tried before.

Let yourself be a child again, and be as curious and flexible and bold as children are. Our lives are limited, but we have infinite possibilities within the time that we have.

Posted by Paul at December 29, 2013 06:07 PM