February 07, 2014

Best Wishes to Sochi and a Happy, Proud Russia

I suspect more than a few of us are snickering at the assorted little disasters heading into the Sochi Olympics. And many of us are appalled at the gay issue, the dog massacre issue, the. . . And the construction was a mess of corruption and cronyism. Yet for all that, I hope these Olympics shine and make Russians happy and proud.

It would be really nice to have a happy and proud Russia. Not just for Russians, but for the world.

A Russia that was not still stuck in trying to "catch up to Europe and the West" as it has for centuries. A Russia that could be content with itself. A content Russia may lose some of its imperialistic urge. In a content Russia, dictators would not be rattling sabers and distracting an unhappy populace with tales of foreign threats and evils, as has been the pattern for centuries. A content Russia might even dump its dictators that have been ruling for centuries, be they tsars, or communist gods, or current oligarchs. A content Russia would likely be content with democracy, and wouldn't see a need for rulers with iron fists.

So here's to a happy, fulfilling, uplifting Sochi Games.

Posted by Paul at February 7, 2014 12:37 PM