March 02, 2014

Amazed Anyone Still Believes Russian Propaganda

I cannot believe that any intelligent, educated Westerners are still buying into Russian propaganda. But then it's been happening for at least 350 years, be it under the Tsars, under the Soviets, or under the new Russian imperialism. The only constant is that under all those regimes, Russia has been, and is, the oppressor, and Ukraine has been, and as Putin's recent actions attest to, remains oppressed.

There is no brotherhood here.

There is an empire, that under both Tsarist and Soviet regimes tried, respectively, for centuries and decades, to Russify Ukraine, and deliberately destroy the Ukrainian language, culture, and indigenous forms of the Orthodox and Catholic churches.

What's happening now is nothing new. It's simply the continuation of centuries of Russian imperialism, and constant Russian paranoia among its ruling class, that it too, may someday be "infected" with democracy and freedom. Horrors.

Posted by Paul at March 2, 2014 03:20 PM