July 05, 2014


Hi there, as of the date of this entry, this blog will no longer be updated. I am moving this blog to cipywnyk.com/blog, using WordPress.

This old blog at www.cipywnyk.net/mtblog will remain, and I will link back to it occasionally from the new blog, but I will not be posting to this blog any longer.

It will take me awhile to get the new site tailored to my liking, but come on along and enjoy the move with me!


This blog is moving to:


For those who are interested, I started this blog on Jan. 24, 2004. It still runs on ancient Movable Type 2.661 that is now more than ten years old. I am starting to have problems with server errors, and category pages that won't update. And I see that MT no longer has a free-for-personal-use edition, so that upgrade path has disappeared, unless I'm missing something. Sigh.

Looks like I'm going to switch over to WordPress, and perhaps rather than trying to import over 1,670 entries and hundreds of photos, I think I'll just leave the old blog up and running, start a new one with WP, and link back to entries on the old blog now and then.

I did quite well with the present blog, averaging over 13 posts per month for over ten years.

Posted by Paul at July 5, 2014 06:47 PM